Nation’s largest self-driving electric shuttle network launches

The country’s biggest fleet of low-speed, self-driving electric shuttles hit the road on Tuesday in a major step forward for the electric vehicle sector.

The unveiling here adds momentum to an industry that is poised to get a significant boost from the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress.

“We will write the next chapter in the world’s transportation history — in a time when we need a new chapter desperately,” said Tyler Svitak, executive director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, a sponsor of the shuttle system.

The fleet of nine driverless, zero-emission vehicles will shuttle Colorado School of Mines students and staff, as well as members of the public, from key spots in the city to various points on campus for at least the next year.

The six-passenger miniature trolley-type vehicles from French company EasyMile are a sharp contrast to the large, diesel-burning buses known on many crowded college campuses.