National Grid predicts future of transportation to be revolutionized

In an article released Friday, National Grid predicts that between now and 2030, changes in transportation will speed up. Already, the report said, changes such as e-hailing rides, car sharing, electric vehicles, electric scooters, and autonomous buses are moving the countries towards clean transportation. In the United Kingdom, gas and diesel cars will be banned by 2030, the report said.

The report indicated that delivery by drone will be one of the next advances, followed by a transition to electric vehicles. Additionally, the company said, we should see a shift to biogas and hydrogen as gasoline alternatives. Additionally, autonomous vehicles combined with artificial intelligence will give users a level of convenience and comfort while tackling efficiency, congestion, and accidents.

The report said that autonomous ships are already expected to be crossing the seas soon, with AI calculating optimized routes and maximizing speed using weather and sea current data.