MTA: Fare and toll evasion is responsible for $700 million a year in lost revenue

The MTA says fare and toll evasion is at a crisis point.

What to do about those who ride for free, drivers who avoid bridge and tunnel tolls and others who sneak onto buses and trains?

“Why can’t they pay?” rider Edward Hayes said.

It’s responsible for $700 million a year in lost revenue for the MTA, said its chairman and CEO, Janno Lieber.

“That is money that could be used … to invest in infrastructure,” he said.

Reporters were shown the latest fare gate technology Wednesday at Grand Central Terminal — machines that identify subway riders jamming through on the heels of someone else with big Plexiglass panels.

“Like they have in Europe, there’s doors that are high up that you can’t jump over,” Midwood resident Nash Benaim said.

Transportation experts call platform emergency exits a super highway of fare evasion, saying when they open, people stream through.