Most Washington drivers in favor of replacing gas tax with pay-per-mile program, study says

According to the report, 56% of those who participated in the study support transitioning to a RUC program. Those who were opposed to the change were most commonly concerned that a RUC would add a new tax, fairness and equity, the logistics of the program, privacy and the loss of incentives to buy hybrid or electric vehicles, according to the WSTC.

Eighty-eight percent of participants said they would prefer to self-report their mileage instead of having a device in their vehicle. The WSTC said participants favored low-tech reporting options that didn’t require additional steps to complete the process.

Nearly 75% of participants also believed exemptions for out-of-state and private roads were important.

The simulation also found that most participants didn’t want flexible payments, but many believed having a flexible payment option was important. The WSTC said those with lower incomes were more likely to choose payment installments than participants with higher incomes.