Monitoring systems to ensure bus drivers’ health on the road

Beijing has taken measures to improve transport safety management through the use of digital technology, giving drivers 1,800 wristband sensors for the real-time monitoring of vital signs and mental stress.

Beijing Public Transport Group, the capital’s main bus operator, recently equipped drivers — particularly those driving on highways or on long cross-provincial trips — with the monitors in an effort to raise safety.

In cooperation with professional institutions, the group has tested more than 40,000 drivers for psychological suitability, with a second round of driver compatibility testing already completed.

With a population of over 21 million, Beijing’s motor vehicle ownership, congestion and traffic intensity have all increased rapidly in recent years.

As a result, accidents involving buses, as well as the driving safety of drivers, have drawn increasing attention.

“The emotion-sensing equipment is part of efforts to improve driving safety, which demonstrates care for drivers,” said Wu Ruidong, a news commentator.