Mobileye tests self-driving cars in New York City

ntel Corp (INTC.O) unit Mobileye on Tuesday said it was testing self-driving vehicles in New York City, including the bustling Manhattan borough, in an effort to prove its technology can handle jaywalkers, construction zones and even horse carriages.

Mobileye Chief Executive Amnon Shashua said the company has begun testing camera-only vehicles in New York City in the past weeks. It is currently testing one car, with plans to add a second one later this year, a spokeswoman said.

“It’s really a huge headache to test here in New York City,” Shashua said at a news briefing, listing a range of driving challenges in the nation’s most populous city, including light pollution at night, aggressive driving, cars that are double parked and pedestrians ignoring traffic rules.

Shashua said the ability to navigate the city’s streets was a crucial step towards commercializing autonomous vehicles that can handle a range of driving environments.