Millennials love public transit, survey says

Frank Ramsden, who is a part of the Urban Land Institute’s Young Leader Group, said he was struck by the numbers of Boston Millennials — defined in the survey as people between the ages of 20 and 37 — who were willing to take transit, even though they had access to a car. “Transit is an enormous part of our daily lives,” said Ramsden, who spearheaded the poll. According to the survey, 78 percent of respondents thought it was “very important” for their workplace to be near public transit (About 32 percent said they believed it was important to be near restaurants or bars, and 32 percent also said they cared about workplace amenities). Millennials also care about transit near their homes. Asked to choose their top three factors in searching for a neighborhood in which to live, 81 percent chose the “ease of commute,” and about 80 percent also checked off “transit access.” Comparatively, only 25 percent said they cared about being close to on-street parking.