Mileage-based user fee pilot program addresses concerns about privacy, rural drivers, and trucks

As states across the country debate about how to fund transportation in the future, the Eastern Transportation Coalition’s most recent work takes on the biggest concerns related to a mileage based user fee (MBUF) approach: privacy, rural drivers, and the trucking industry…

This work continued to prove that privacy concerns can be alleviated through data protection measures and clear communication with users. During the 2020-2021 passenger vehicle pilot, participants ranking privacy as a high concern dropped from 52% to 7%.

It also demonstrated that rural drivers could benefit from a shift to an MBUF system, refuting a common misconception that the MBUF model would harm rural drivers because they tend to drive more than their urban counterparts. In fact, a shift to MBUF is estimated to change household expenses, regardless of geography, by about $1.50 a month.