Michigan OKs digital license plates with Rplate’s connected car platform

The digital license plates won’t be cheap, at least not at first. The Rplate Essential and Rplate Pro are available for preorder on Reviver’s website for $499 and $799, respectively, not including installation charges.

So what are the advantages of a digital license plate other than early-adopter bragging rights? On the most mundane level, the Rplate can automate vehicle registration renewals. You won’t have to affix a new peel-and-stick decal on your plate each year because digital decals on the plate will show the world whether you’re current.

In most states today, personalized metal license plates, also called vanity plates, are restricted to the plate’s letters and digits plus, in fewer cases, a choice of backgrounds that usually have something to do with the state in which the vehicle is registered.

With the Rplate, you’ll be able to take personalization to new levels.