Miami-Dade County Officials Test New Traffic Signal System To Enhance Public Transit

“All the signals in Miami-Dade County in the very near future will be smart,” Gimenez said, “which should help all commuters in Miami-Dade County to get to and from where they want to go faster.”

The mayor and Alice Bravo, the county’s Director of the Department of Public Transportation and Public Works, noted that the traffic signal technology decreases bus travel time along the entire South Dade busway by about 15 minutes. The system for the entire county will cost around $150 million, Gimenez said.

The signals work by communicating directly with buses, said Mark Nogaki, senior vice president for sales for Econolite, the company that’s installing the system. As a bus approaches an intersection, it pings a central traffic management network, which then tries to change lights to green and minimize red light wait times.