Meet the entrepreneur building Smart Columbus app for women to get rides to prenatal visits

Although she worked for several tech startups and ran a startup incubator, Mindi Knebel had deeply personal reasons for founding her own software company.

Now her Kaizen Health Inc. is building the Smart Columbus app to ease scheduling Medicaid-covered transportation to prenatal doctor visits – until now, a hard-to-find piece of the puzzle to lower infant mortality rates. City Council awarded a $1 million contract in December…

“There’s plenty of vehicles out there – it’s really a lack of access to them,” Knebel said. “We go find the companies that know the area well.”

Pregnant women will be able to use the scheduling app via text, mobile app, website or phone.

“We need to be able to meet people where they are, in their preferred mode of communication and their preferred location,” she said.