Meet Olli, the SLOW autonomous electric people mover from Local Motors

Olli is a little reminiscent of the autonomous people movers that are now being tested in the UK. But the vehicle is not actually in service yet. “We’re getting calls right now from people asking to ride Olli,” Woessner said. “We’re in the process of working with the team to make that a reality… but also to get the regulations in place. Local Motors is an active participant in Maryland’s process of crafting regulations for autonomous vehicles. “The one challenge we’ve seen is that the group is focused primarily on highway vehicles. We’re interested in that application, but the low speed is where we think the initial consumer applications will be, particularly for environments like National Harbor or the National Mall in DC, or some large parks like Disney,” Woessner said.”We want regulations that are appropriate for that use case versus highway speed. I think there’s the potential to tailor legislation and regulation for driving on an interstate or state highway versus a county or local road at a speed of less than 25mph.”