Meet Delphi, The Self-Driving Car Company In Pittsburgh That You Probably Don’t Know Much About

The United Kingdom-based company flies under the radar in Pittsburgh compared to its self-driving vehicle competitors. Carnegie Mellon University has been an industry leader for 30 years. Uber offers Pittsburghers rides in its self-driving cars. And Ford stirred up buzz when it announced a $1 billion investment in Argo AI to create a “virtual driver system.”

But Glen De Vos, Delphi’s chief technology officer, told The Incline he doesn’t mind it that way.

“We’re not as worried about brand awareness,” he said, adding that the company isn’t consumer-focused, but rather honed in on getting technology to market to make money for its customers. De Vos said he’s expecting public interest in the company to grow. Take Singapore, for example, where Delphi is testing self-driving taxis.