Marin transportation authority and Lyft expand $5 discount for shared ride to SMART stations

The Transportation Authority of Marin is expanding a program that provides up to a $5 discount for people who share Lyft rides to and from all Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit train stations in Marin County.

The $5-off incentive program started in September 2017 shortly after SMART began train service between Sonoma and Marin County. The Transportation Authority of Marin said the program was a popular option that provided Lyft passengers a way to get to and from the train stations without driving their own vehicle there…

TAM has partnered with the local nonprofit Whistlestop to ensure the discounted ride is available for all users by providing rides with wheelchair accessible vehicles. Whistlestop, which provides services for people with disabilities, will schedule Lyft rides for people who do not have access to a cell phone.