Mapping Safer Streets for Bicyclists, Pedestrians in Portland

For its Vision Zero initiative, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is collecting and mapping crash data.  But because they are focusing on accidents that result in fatal or serious injury, minor accidents — or near misses like many captured by NearlyKilled.Me — don’t show up in the data. “That seems backwards to me, that you have to get hurt to get the government’s attention,” says Hinkle. He wants the data to inform PBOT where infrastructure changes could be made before accidents occur. Every Monday morning, an automated script sends all new NearlyKilled.Me reports to about a dozen officials and agencies, including PBOT, Oregon DOT, Portland Police Bureau and the mayor’s office. Hinkle is disappointed that, thoughPBOT expressed interest in his data early on, the agency doesn’t seem eager to act upon it.