Major Companies Looking Into the ‘Human Impact’ of Autonomous Vehicles

The Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity (PTIO) is a recently formed group that’s made up of various companies looking into developing autonomous cars. From logistics providers like FedEx to traditional automakers like Ford and Toyota to tech companies like Waymo and Uber, the group has a good mix of major players in the self-driving scene. As the outlet points out, the group has been formed as a 501(c)(6), which allows it to receive donations and lobby government.

Safety is one of PTIO’s major concerns. “Concern for the safety of works and the public is paramount to PTIO,” said Maureen Westphal, the group’s executive director in an email to The Verge. Westphal went on to say, “and safe deployment of [autonomous vehicle] technology is fundamental to securing better job opportunities for workers, so we plan to engage with a variety of concerned stakeholders already having conversations and planning for this transition to an autonomous vehicle future.”