Lyft’s CEO has a simple plan that he claims could make traffic disappear in just 5 years

“If we set a big enough goal and make the right investments in this moment, five years from now it is easily foreseeable that we’ve completely achieved this goal and there is no more traffic on our highway system,” Green said.

These “right investments,” though, aren’t what you might expect. Green doesn’t want to widen highways to kill traffic. Instead, he wants the government to invest in a nationwide expansion of ‘smart lanes,’ which are basically carpool lanes that charge vehicles with less than three passengers for access.

Green, along with Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer, published an op-ed on Tuesday outlining how exactly this might work, but basically, the co-founders propose that by building out more ‘smart lanes’ people will be more incentivised to ride-share, thus reducing traffic.