Lyft sees its future, and it is autonomous and B2B focused

Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer emphasized that Lyft has followed three key elements in developing the AV program: human drivers, an efficiency engine powered by technology and fleet management capabilities.

“Each of these elements creates a competitive moat that reflects the fundamental value of all the work we do across our business,” Zimmer said…

What Zimmer did say was that businesses are interested in “broadly scaled logistics capability that doesn’t compete with them for the direct-to-consumer relationship.”

“I think what COVID taught everyone is that the world is moving, obviously, even faster to e-commerce and local delivery,” Zimmer added. “Many of these retailers didn’t have time to set up their own systems and form these type of partnerships like the ones that we’re forming with them and instead had to jump on these third-party marketplaces.”

He noted that more information would be forthcoming midyear.