Lucid Motors reveals the DreamDrive tech to eventually make its EVs autonomous

Lucid Motors has revealed the bevy of sensors its upcoming Lucid Air electric luxury car will be equipped with, as it paves the way for future autonomous driving capabilities. The Lucid DreamDrive system will consist of LIDAR, cameras, radar, and ultra-sonic sensors, in addition to extra driver-monitoring systems inside the vehicle, all in the name of either supporting the person behind the wheel or, eventually, replacing them altogether…

In total it’ll consist of 32 sensors. A long-range, high-resolution LIDAR laser rangefinder will be mounted at the front of the car, along with a long-range radar. There’ll be three front cameras and four short-range radar facing ahead, too.

Four side/rear facing cameras will be installed, along with a primary rear camera and a second rear camera equipped with a fish-eye lens. There’ll be twelve ultrasonic sensors in total, and four surround view cameras giving a 360-degree perspective of the EV.