Lordstown (RIDE) goes public as people bet on them delivering electric pickup with in-wheel motors

Lordstown Motors (RIDE) has officially gone public through a reverse merger and now people are betting on the startup delivering an electric pickup truck with in-wheel hub motors.

It’s a technology that has never been implemented in a passenger electric vehicle for consumers before…

The Endurance is one of several vehicles racing to become the first all-electric pickup truck on the market next year.

It has a few interesting qualities, like a starting price of just $52,500 and a range of “over 250 miles”, but one of the most interesting things about the Endurance is the fact that Lordstown decided to use 4 in-wheel hub motors to power it…

Some people have concerns about putting one of the most critical components, like the electric motor, inside one of the parts of the vehicle that takes the heaviest beating and is exposed to the elements, the wheel.