Looking Forward (And Upward) To Urban Aero Mobility

Flight of fancy? No more. The mobility disruption is all set to takeoff…skywards. A pioneering global survey by Frost & Sullivan on urban aero mobility (UAM) highlights that the day when air taxis will become as commonplace as your standard black cab isn’t that far off…

Today, the UAM market has more action than an Avengers movie. Earlier in July, Airbus’s aero taxi platform – CityAirbus – conducted its first public demonstration. In September, Lillium signed an agreement with both Dusseldorf Airport and Cologne / Bonn Airport to explore regional air mobility network options. Hyundai’s UAM division recently joined the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), earlier in the year the Korean automaker became the first automotive company to join Uber Air’s Elevate initiative. Kitty Hawk, Volocopter, Terrafugia, Joby Aviation, Airbus, EHang, Boeing BA -2.6%, Bell, and, lest I forget, even NASA with its Grand Challenge, are all in a race to convert UAMs from reel fantasy to everyday reality.