Logistics provider makes headway in autonomous trucking

Autonomous trucking may help logistics companies save up to 40% in transport costs, according to a joint study from researchers at Georgia Tech and Ryder System, Inc.
Researchers developed an Autonomous Transfer Hub Network (ATHN) based on data from Ryder’s dedicated transportation network in the Southest to determine how a network of driverless trucks may affect the transportation and logistics provider’s operations. The proposed network is made up of a series of transfer points where level 4 autonomous trucks—which are completely driverless and primarily designed for highway use—can hand off loads to conventional trucks for the first and final miles. The team used optimization models for routing and dispatching, and evaluated the proposed autonomous network by comparing it with Ryder’s existing operations.
The research team determined that an ATHN with optimization technology can reduce costs by 29% to 40% for a large network.