Locomation technology leaves test track for roads

Pittsburgh – North Side-based Locomation partnered with Springfield, Missouri-based transportation company Wilson Logistics to pilot its autonomous convoying technology for the trucking industry, according to Locomation co-founder and CEO Cetin Mericli.

Locomation creates Autonomous Relay Convoying technology that allows one driver to operate a lead truck as a follower truck operates in tandem autonomously. The driver in the second truck does not need to actively operate the truck during this time.

The pilot marks a shift for the company, which has mostly tested on a test track, to its first deployments with commercial loads on public roads. Mericli said Locomation also recently earned authorization to test on Pennsylvania roads…

Locomation expects trucks equipped with the ARC technology to hit the road in spring 2020, and anticipates operating about 62 two-truck convoys during the first phase of the pilot. Mericli said by the end of the pilot he anticipates over 100 convoys on the road, a number that will lead the company directly into full commercialization.