LoadStop is automating dispatch and improving spot market visibility

Much has been reported on the trucking industry’s resistance to adopting technology into mainstream operations. Technology growth in the ecosystem has been sluggish, in part because its price point was too much for the fleet owners, who incidentally, run various sizes of fleets.

For instance, the transportation management system (TMS) software of major providers was seldom developed to meet the needs of small trucking firms. Deploying a highly rated TMS solution across a fleet of 50 trucks would cost over $100,000 in implementation and annual licensing fee – above the financial bandwidth possible for owner-operators and small- and mid-size fleets.

California-based startup LoadStop is addressing this disconnect in the market by providing a digital carrier platform that is affordable to every trucking fleet – however big or small. “Our idea was to create an affordable software platform that offered a solution for all fleet sizes, however simple or complex.