Lime upgrading its fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes in Seattle; move to swappable battery is key change

As a recent report shows that electric scooters have become a popular transportation option in Seattle, Lime is going all in with a significant upgrade of its fleet of the devices as well as the e-bikes that it has on the city’s streets.

Lime is planning to roll out 2,000 new Gen4 scooters by this summer, and it has already swapped 75% of its 2,000 Gen4 bikes.

When completed, Seattle will be one of only a handful of cities in North America to have a full fleet of both new Lime models available for citywide use. Washington, D.C., and Atlanta currently have all new bikes and scooters, and Denver is on the way.

The most notable upgrade with the Gen4 is a swappable, interchangeable battery that is shared between both scooters and bikes. That move will enhance the efficiency and sustainability of Lime’s operations and improve vehicle availability for riders. Lime also says the new vehicles offer a smoother ride.