Lime rolls out affordable rent-by-the-minute electric mopeds in its first US city

Lime is expanding its vehicle lineup to include seated electric scooters (often referred to as mopeds) in addition to standing electric scooters and electric bicycles.

All of Lime’s various micromobility vehicles are offered as part of the network’s shared vehicle fleet and can be rented by the minute. Some also offer subscription models.

After announcing earlier this year that electric mopeds would be added to its fleet, Lime is now making good on its promise.

The first city in the world to receive the Lime mopeds is Washington DC.

Paris will be the next city to have its streets graced by the electric two-wheelers, and an inside source informed Electrek that the Paris launch is expected to begin around mid-April.

Pricing for the electric mopeds rentals in Washington DC is $0.39 per minute, plus $1 to unlock the scooter. And just like a your friendly neighborhood dealer, the first ride is free (up to 15 minutes).