Kodiak Robotics hits milestone in driverless trucking (with video)

Kodiak Robotics, one of a handful of startups aiming to automate commercial trucking, has successfully completed “disengage-free” deliveries on a 205-mile stretch of Texas highway.

Disengage-free means safety drivers did not have to take control of the truck’s autonomous vehicle system.

“What happened is our system has reached a level of maturity where a good percentage of the time it handles everything the highway throws at it,” Dan Goff, Kodiak’s Head of Policy, told FreightWaves.

Recapping news announced in a Kodiak blog post Monday, Goff said Kodiak’s achievement, occurred in December on Interstate 45 between Dallas and Houston.

“We even had a fully disengage-free day, completing two round-trips in a row — over 800 miles straight,” he said.

Separately, the self-driving technology startup announced it was selected as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards honoree, with the presentation to come during the first all-digital CES, which runs Monday through Thursday.