Knight Foundation devotes $5.25 million to studying last-mile autonomous car service

The Knight Foundation will recruit local residents for regular meetings to discuss how self-driving technology might address their needs. If all goes well, these groups will serve as a breeding ground for policy ideas and future legislation.

Each group’s objectives will be uniquely tailored to their respective city:

Detroit will address challenges getting to and from bus stops that connect residents to places of work.

Long Beach will develop short-distance travel solutions by integrating electric and human-powered transit, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and creating a “safer, healthier, and more sustainable” city.

Miami will aim to make driverless shuttles a viable alternative to buses.

Pittsburgh will support neighborhoods by slowing the growth of single-occupant vehicle trips.

San Jose will seek to integrate self-driving vehicles with other forms of transit and to connect residents to jobs and entertainment destinations in the city center.