Kiwibot to deploy additional semi-autonomous delivery robots in Pittsburgh

Kiwibot, a Medellín, Colombia-based robotics company that maintains its U.S. headquarters in Berkley, California, announced it will have up to 10 of its small personal delivery devices operating on the sidewalks of Bloomfield over the course of the next few weeks. The news comes as part of a larger expansion nationwide, which will also see the company’s efforts grow in Detroit, Michigan; San Jose, California; and Miami-Dade County in Florida.

In June, the company first launched a pilot program of its robots in Pittsburgh. Then, only two or three Kiwibots could be operational and running at one time…

Kiwibot’s presence in Bloomfield isn’t the first time delivery robots have come to Pittsburgh, however. In January 2020, San Francisco-based Starship Technologies said it had 30 of its autonomous robots deployed on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh in Oakland after first launching a smaller batch of them in August 2019.