Jaguar Land Rover’s New Tech Could Revolutionize Touchscreens for the COVID-19 Era

Jaguar Land Rover, however, has just announced an intriguing solution to this pressing problem: a new form of contactless touchscreen technology. The system employs sensors and artificial intelligence to predict what you want to touch on the screen ahead of time and execute that command without you physically touching it. JLR says it reduces effort and time by 50 percent compared with a regular touchscreen; plus, as a side effect, it helps reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

While the promo video featured a new Defender, the company did not mention when — or even if — this technology will arrive in JLR’s vehicles. Because the feature is software-based, however, JLR says it can be retrofitted to any touchscreen capable of producing the data it requires.

There are reasons to be skeptical about this technology. As seen in the efforts of companies like Lexus and Acura, innovations to improve on the touchscreen can end up more distracting than the touchscreen itself.