It’s Time to Try Congestion Pricing in L.A.

Set to begin in late 2021, Metro’s pre-Olympics pilot program, known as HOV-5, will offer toll-exempt travel in its ExpressLanes only for vehicles with five or more occupants. Buses, vanpools, cars and carpools of five or more persons will pay nothing, while carpools of two, three, or four persons will receive per-person savings of 50 to 75 percent. The adjacent general-purpose lanes will remain toll-free. The ExpressLanes will allow all drivers to save time when they need it most, such as when they are running late for something important. ExpressLane users will travel faster and save time because the tolls simultaneously discourage solo driving and encourage more sustainable travel. The toll revenue itself can also finance the transit system, where service improvements can help draw even more cars off the road.