Is the public ready for autonomous vehicles? Motional launched a survey to find out

The Hazelwood Green-based company, which specializes in robotaxi services through partnerships with industry leaders like Lyft and Via, released its second annual Motional Consumer Mobility Report, which collects responses from 1,000 people across the country to better understand public perception of autonomous vehicle technology.

Like many other companies in the industry, Motional plans to commercially launch its robotaxi tech in the next couple of years. But to do that successfully, it knows that public trust in the safety of the highly disruptive technology is key. But the report’s findings show there’s still a lot of work to do around that.

Only one in three respondents to the survey said they think autonomous vehicles are safer on the road for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, the report said. And a mere 15% of those surveyed think that AVs today are safe and reliable. Specifically, respondents expressed concerns around the lack of control that they perceive autonomous vehicles to have as well as a need for more testing of the tech.