Is Recogni The Next Hot Autonomous Vehicle Startup?

In CleanTechnica‘s exclusive, in-depth interview with Peter Mertens, former board member of Audi, Volkswagen Group, Volvo, & Jaguar Land Rover and former R&D head of Audi (published yesterday), Dr. Mertens briefly discussed a few startups he’s now on the board of. One of those was Recogni, and no offense to the others (which I’ll come back to in another article), but Recogni seemed to be the one that got him most lit up.

As Mertens stated at one point, his initial thought when being introduced to the company was, “Okay, wow, these guys are completely crazy! I mean, what they [are trying] to achieve is almost impossible. But if they could achieve it, [it’s] really gonna be a breakthrough — in terms of vision processing, enabling autonomous drive in a way that no one has ever thought it was possible. And then I met the guys and I said, ‘they can do it,’ and guess what — I mean, with proof of concept right now — they will deliver.”