Is It An Electric Bicycle? An Electric Scooter? An Electric Moped? No, It’s A SURU!

But if Amarok is no longer there, SURU picks up where it left off with an affordable, well-engineered e-bike. I always have a hard time calling an e-bike an e-bike. It carries over much from its bicycle origin, but it isn’t a bicycle. It’s really an electric vehicle that takes its roots in the bicycle world. Until we find a better word for it, though, we’ll just have to call it an e-bike…

You could actually say the SURU is a moped with motorcycle wheels. The reason is that they are 3× stronger. They are good for 100 km/h (60 MPH). Brakes and spokes are approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). The only bicycle components are the pedals and pedal crank.