Iowa DOT working with other states on truck parking system

The states are sharing $25 million to create plans. Mescher says each state is working on a plan that fits their state that will also work with the other states. “In this proposal, what we wanted to do is to use some ITS, Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies to provide truck drivers with information about the availability of truck parking at upcoming rest areas and truck stops,” Mescher explains.
He says you can see trucks parked at rest stops and off ramps along I-80 in Iowa and understand the need for the system. Mescher says one of the issues is truckers have limits on how many hours they can be on the road.
“If they are getting down to where they only have an hour or two left, it becomes imperative that they try to find a parking space so that they don’t spend an inordinate amount of time driving around pushing up against that threshold trying to find a parking spot,” Mescher says.