Investigation: No review of Amazon Churchill project impact on Parkway East

Developer Hillwood Investment Properties did a 600-page traffic study last year and a 55-page followup study last month. The studies said there will be more than 5,000 vehicle trips per day at the Amazon site, including nearly 700 trucks.

But the Parkway East impact was not part of either study…

Action News Investigates asked Carnegie Mellon University engineering professor and transportation expert Sean Qian to review the traffic studies. He said he was surprised they did not look at the impact on the parkway or nearby communities like Monroeville and Forest Hills.

“I think the impact to the parkway in both directions as well as for some of the arterials connecting to those neighborhoods should also be carefully studied,” Qian said.

He said if 100 Amazon trucks hit the parkway during rush hour, commuters will feel it.

“Ten percent more traffic added on top of an already very congested Squirrel Hill tunnel, I think it’s a lot,” he said.