Insatiable demand sees mobile internet usage hit 800 hours per year

The proportion of our lives allocated to mobile internet consumption has risen to 800 hours per year or the equivalent of 33 days per year, according to a new survey of our changing browsing habits.

The startling statistic is presented in Zenith Media’s Consumption Forecasts which estimates that by 2021 the equivalent figure will rise still further to 930 hours as our voracious mobile appetites show no sign of slowing.

Since 2015 the annual forecast has captured changing consumption, rising from a base of between 80 and 130 minutes per day at an average growth rate of 13% per year, fuelled by quicker smartphones, improved services and ever-larger screens.

This golden period may be coming to a close however with annual growth drops to 8% between 2018 and 2021 as the smartphone sector hits saturation point.