Infrastructure talks stuck on EVs, clean energy

The price of installing a charging station depends on a range of factors — including hardware, permitting and electrical grid capacity — making it difficult even for industry players to assess the cost of a charging network, according to a recent RMI study.

But assuming a ballpark estimate of $100,000 per fast charging station, the Republican offer could potentially fund 40,000 chargers, said Costa Samaras, a Carnegie Mellon University professor who researches energy and climate policy.

By comparison, he said, the United States has about 150,000 gas stations, each with multiple pumps.

“It’s a good start, but we’re going to need more,” Samaras said of the $4 billion charging station proposal. “We’re at the early stages of a major transition to clean electric vehicles in the U.S., but we need a policy push to get things started. The huge scale of the challenge, and the opportunity, requires a proportional policy response.”