India’s First, Open Source Traffic Dataset Is Paving The Road For Autonomous Vehicles

The project, funded by Intel, began in November 2017 in partnership with the government of Telangana and Karnataka. The team at IIIT Hyderabad drove around Hyderabad and Bengaluru, areas known for traffic congestion. The idea here was to collect and label unique variables such as signposts, pedestrians, types of vehicles, streetlights etc.

The objective was to ensure road safety by creating a dataset which suits our Indian needs. So, the team created about 10,000 pixel-level annotated images and 50,000 object level annotated images, twice the size of Germany’s Cityscape, which contained 5,000 frames.

For fine annotation, images from forward-facing cameras of a stereo pair were taken. These images were then sampled from the video feed with more attention laid onto traffic junctions and other crowded portions in the feed.