In Mt. Lebanon, officials view pedestrians as the menace

Instead of figuring out why so many people find the need to walk across the street at unmarked crossings in their business district, Mt. Lebanon officials voted to criminalize them with up to $300 in fines and fees. Copious amounts of safe crossings are common fixture in walkable, inviting business districts. By reducing the amount of places where people can legally cross, officials are just making more people into “jaywalkers” and ceding even more ownership of the road to the automobile. This car-centric way of thinking treats pedestrians as a menace to cars, instead of the other way around. Fining pedestrians will never get to the root of the issue: signals and crosswalks in their current locations aren’t serving people. “I’ve lived in the township for over 51 years, I jaywalk every singe day,” said a resident at the township’s meeting.