In-car technology better at keeping older drivers safer on roads than mass retesting, study suggests

The mass retesting of older drivers is less safe than simple in-car technology, a report has found.

A review of global research, commissioned by the RAC Foundation, found that it is difficult to devise a system of making older motorists prove they should still be behind the wheel.

However, basic in-car systems such as collision warnings, lane departure alerts and fatigue detection are recognised by older drivers as being helpful as long as they are easy to use.

Steve Gooding, Director at the RAC Foundation, said “it is so hard to devise a meaningful retest to be taken at what will always be an arbitrary age” because the elderly suffer conditions affecting their driving ability at different ages and to different degrees.

Once UK motorists reach 70 they must declare whether or not they are fit to drive every three years, without having to take a driving or medical examination.