Identifying Blocked Bike Lane Hot Spots

Between May 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020, 9,477 blocked-bike-lane reports were issued via Safe Lanes, a web site that lets cyclists log such violations. So what does that mean for policy makers when they decide where to focus limited resources to reconfigure curbs, provide new loading zones, and construct protected lanes that physically prevent motorists from driving and parking on bike lanes?

That’s what Marcel Moran, a PhD Student at the Department of City & Regional Planning at U.C. Berkeley is trying to answer with his new study “Eyes on the Bike Lane: Crowdsourced Traffic Violations and Bike Infrastructure in San Francisco, CA,” released earlier this month…

Overall, the report reinforces the notion that traditional striped bike lanes don’t work in practice. Physical protection is the only thing that will keep cycling safe and inviting for people of all ages and abilities. Otherwise, the ‘bike lane’ just becomes a de-facto loading zone.