IBM’s New Cognitive AI System Will Drastically Reduce Accidents of Autonomous Vehicles

The envisioned technology is the ‘third intelligence’ that will keep an eye on both, self-driving system and the human driver. If there is a minor fault in the car, the system will prompt the user to take control. It happens after it performs an analysis to check if the human is prepared or not. If both the driver and car are unfit for driving, it would automatically slow down the car to stop it at some safe location nearby. It can also learn from the traffic patterns and accident history of a vehicle to ensure that it has enough awareness of its surroundings.

Associate research professor at Carnegie Mellon University Aaron Steinfeld says that the transition from a computer to human is quite complicated. When transitioning from the driver to the AI, it can be as simple as pressing a button, but when the control is reversed, it becomes a tad bit complex.