IACP Quick Take: Could NASA’s AI platform for space exploration improve officer safety?

The sheer volume of data from next-generation communication tools and sensors risks overwhelming or distracting first responders from critical activities…

Identifying this as an issue, JPL – which has been developing artificial intelligence (AI) platforms for use during space exploration – has been experimenting with transitioning these into the public safety space for the last three to four years. JPL contends that its developed AI products could enhance officer safety through enriched 360-degree situational awareness.

To provide solutions, JPL is conducting a project funded by the US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to study technology for improving the safety of first responder and roadside crews in and around active traffic. This resulted in the creation of the Trusted and Explainable Police Artificial Intelligence (TruePAL) AI assistant, which provides real-time warnings of risks by analyzing the environment and traffic patterns to generate a timely warning to drivers and roadside crews to avoid crashes.