I rode with Nissan’s AR and 5G-powered virtual passengers

Nissan’s vision for the future of connected cars is about as buzzword-laden as possible. Making use of 5G, AR, and VR to power an advanced in-vehicle experience, the company’s “Invisible-to-Visible” (I2V) technology not only allows for HUD-style overlays but also humanoid virtual assistants that ride alongside you to provide conversation and locally relevant information…

Nissan’s I2V system makes use of what the company calls “the Metaverse,” which is not a reference to Persona 5’s alternate dimension but describes how virtual characters can appear in real-world vehicles through augmented reality. In my demos, I wore a Meta 2 AR headset which, despite being made by a company that no longer exists, is very comfortable and offers a much wider field of view than something like the Microsoft HoloLens.