Hyundai partners with AI start-up to make HD maps for autonomous cars

Hyundai Mnsoft will collaborate with AI startup Netradyne for the development of high definition maps for next-generation vehicles, the companies announced.

Hyundai Mnsoft, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group focused on navigation solutions, will leverage Netradyne’s crowd-sourced deep vision technologies for the development of HD maps.

Netradyne, founded in 2015, specialises in using AI for driver and fleet safety. The startup recently won a proof of concept trial against rivals for the partnership with Hyundai.

Netradyne said its crowdsourced deep vision analytics for HD map generation was more affordable compared to the light detection and ranging (LIDAR)-based mapping of other companies. Its vision-based driver recognition safety program, dubbed Driveri, captures the driving experience and delivers the view of the driver to safety managers.