Hyundai Motor develops Group AI-based voice-recognition in-car solution

More than 2 million drivers currently subscribe to Hyundai’s connected car system that offers real-time traffic information, in-car payment system, and Valet Mode for privacy, among others.

But the latest solution is characterized by the addition of AI, allowing the car to follow human instructions based on natural language.

Customers can conveniently use various functions by pressing the voice recognition button while driving and speaking to the car equipped with the system which was designed to work in sync with Kakao`s artificial intelligence platform Kakao i. People can directly tell the car, such as, “Change the indoor mood light to red” or “Raise the passenger seat temperature to 25 Celsius degrees.”

Hyundai Motor Group is planning to install the newly developed voice recognition solution to vehicles to be rolled off the assembly line from the second half of this year.