Hyundai looks ahead to new SUVs in 2021 – and urban air taxis by 2028

“We are all-in on autonomous vehicles,” as well as electric vehicles, said Jose Munoz, president and CEO and Hyundai Motor North America, at an Automotive Press Association teleconference.

His remarks come at a time when investment in robo-taxis has slowed, even as the global pandemic has spurred interest in personally-owned vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs…

He seemed most excited by Hyundai’s work with Motional – its $4 billion self-driving technology joint venture with Aptiv PLC – and its partnership with Uber Technologies on urban air taxis, which Munoz predicted would be in operation at such major U.S. airports as LAX in Los Angeles and JFK in New York “by 2028, maybe earlier.”

Hyundai already is developing “flying devices” powered by electric motors and batteries that can transport five to six passengers from highly congested urban and suburban centers to those airports, Munoz said.