Hyundai green-lights development of a ‘walking car’ with 4 dog-like legs

Rugged Jeeps and pickups can explore the great outdoors. But for those who want vehicles to travel further into unnavigable terrain, Hyundai is working on what it calls a “Transformer-class vehicle” right out of a science-fiction film.

The Korean automaker has formed an Ultimate Mobility Vehicles Studio in Silicon Valley to develop its so-called “walking car,” It’s based on the Elevate concept vehicle that wowed visitors to the 2019 CES technology show in Las Vegas.

Envisioned initially as a vehicle to assist first-responders to reach remote disaster zones, the walking car will also be explored by Hyundai’s team for its potential in consumer and industrial uses.

In addition to rescue duty for earthquakes and other natural disasters, the Elevate vehicle could be used to satisfying individual wanderlust and help transport the disabled by, for example, walking up to their front door, leveling itself, and rolling in wheelchairs.