Hyperloop could make Pittsburgh-Cleveland trip in 20 minutes — at a cost of billions

According to the feasibility analysis, which was conducted over 18 months and cost $1.3 million, the route could get passengers from Pittsburgh to Cleveland in less than 19 minutes and from Cleveland to Chicago in just over half an hour. The study said the hyperloop would increase income along the Cleveland-Chicago-Pittsburgh route by $47.6 billion, expand the tax base of affected communities by $12.7 billion and increase property values, mostly through new development, by nearly $75 billion, according to a report in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

But the cost of construction would be significant — at least $24.7 billion for the entire route, with costs only going up from there…

The study said that most of the costs would be borne by private investors. The hyperloop trains, which run in vacuum tubes, would be able to carry 28 to 40 passengers at speeds up to 760 miles per hour.